Global Day of Action: Mass Mobilisation - Saturday 6 November,12 noon, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

The people of Scotland have a unique opportunity to influence world leaders assembled in Glasgow, to pressure them for Climate Justice.

This mass mobilisation comes at a critical point in history when the latest IPCC Climate Report 'Code Red for Humanity', stresses the 'Irrefutable evidence of human influence”. Global heating is affecting every region on Earth, with many of the changes becoming irreversible. The internationally agreed threshold of 1.5°C is perilously close.

Be part of making history, join the Mass Mobilisation in Glasgow. Coach tickets to and from Glasgow cost: £15 solidarity price, £10 regular price, £1 low waged etc. Get your coach tickets here:

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What is COP and why is it important?

World leaders will meet in Glasgow in November at the United Nations climate talks, COP26. The decisions made at the COP26 will decide how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. This decides who will be sacrificed, who will escape and who will profit. So far, governments have done too little too late, colluding with corporations and hiding behind greenwashed ‘solutions’ that actually don’t exist yet, that don’t address the scale of the problem and in many cases rely on yet even more exploitation of people and the planet.

The Problem

We are living through a period of multiple breaking points – from climate to covid to racism to ecological collapse. We know that these crises not only overlap but share the same cause. While no one can escape the impacts of these crises, those who have done least to cause them always suffer the most. The climate crisis already means loss of lives, homes and livelihoods for the poorest and most marginalised within countries, and across the world.

What is the COP26 Coalition?

The COP26 Coalition is a UK-based civil society coalition of groups and individuals organising towards mobilising around climate justice during COP26. Coalition members include environment and development NGOs, trade unions, grassroots community campaigns, faith groups, youth groups, migrant and racial justice networks.

Local Coalition Hubs have already formed across the UK and more forming all the time, the
Edinburgh COP26 is one of them.

What do we need YOU to do?

Justice won’t be given up without a fight – we can’t expect world leaders to just hand us it on a plate. The transformative solutions that we need to survive and build a more just and fair world can only be brought about through collective action and coordination, from our local communities to international levels. Now is the time to join the fight for climate justice as we bring together movements to build power for system change. We need all hands on deck: in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals and across national borders.

Get involved with the Edinburgh COP26 Coalition local hub or one closer to where you are. Click below for information on how to do this  or on the “Contacts and Links” tab above.

Contacts and Links

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